Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Truly, Madly, Deeply

Last year, I had my first MAJOR part in a wedding. I was the Maid of Honor for my friend in Graduate School. It seems that more of my friends are settling down. For this year, my calendar has noted 3 weddings that I need to attend. The first was last Saturday at Batulao, Batangas. For this wedding, I was a guest. 

A couple of my officemates were there as well. I feel humbled that the couple (who are also my officemates) have invited me to witness this event. I'm from Cavite but it took like 2 hours before we reached the place. I was surprised that it was near Charles Huang Conference Center. We used to have our retreat there in college. Anyway, Chapel On the Hill is such a nice, solemn place for weddings.

Before the ceremony, I learned that one of my previous hires/employees and the groom know each other. Small world, huh? I can't find my officemates so I decided to go with our former employee and his buddies. The wedding started at 2PM. While the mass was on-going, the former employee made chit-chat and informed me that he checked Jobstreet and he saw that there are a lot of openings in his (former) team. He concluded that many people are leaving because of a certain 'hierarchy' in that team. He was telling me this while we were observing the wedding. *SIGH* I really hate it when people bring up WORK-RELATED MATTERS during special events. Yes, I'm in HR. But I have a life outside work. 

I cut the conversation by telling the guy that everything is going well with his  (former) team. The reason that there's an opening is because there were some promotions and not because of people are resigning. I ended my statement by telling him: "If you have issues, you should have raised that in your exit interview. We're attending a wedding and I prefer to focus on that."
I thought the guy would stop but hellno! he tried to save his ass by telling me that I was the one who opened up the topic. ME?! gods, that made my vein popped. I answered: "I didn't even ask about your work. YOU started this topic. Why are you even checking the company thru Jobstreet? YOU wanted to know about your team. I just replied to your inquiries." 
FINALLY! That made him shut up. 

After the wedding, I learned that guy and his buddies didn't have a car. They went to the church via bus and tricycle. I felt sorry for them as the reception is in Tagaytay and offered my ride to them. But once in the car, I didn't talk to that guy again. He was trying to make chit-chat but I acted deaf. Once at the reception, thankfully! I shared tables with my officemates and not with that guy. My officemates were a bit late in the wedding that's why I couldn't find them first. Since I'm single, I was being teased or rather... pimped (lol) to the bachelors.

One of the things that I look forward to in a wedding is I'd like to hear what the families have to say to the newlywed couple. We always thought that mothers would be the first ones to cry but in all of the weddings I've been to, it was always the father who cries first. 

Also, gone are the days when singles would vie for the bouquet and the garter. I noticed that the wedding games are getting creative just to corner 1 male and 1 female. For this wedding, the guys have to do the Limbo Rock/Dancing. Whoever touches the satin ribbon will be the "winner". One of our officemates was declared as the "winner".
For us, females, each were given a sleeping/eye mask and we need to find hairpins that were carefully tucked at the bachelor's body. haha.. it seems most of the female participants are motivated since the bachelor was good-looking. As for me, since he's an officemate (not the former officemate, oki?), his charms no longer work. hahaha.. but he's really nice. He's one of the fellows we can joke around with. :)

The program ended at around 8PM, I think. I was surprised that in Tagaytay, there's traffic already. I remember the said place with little or no traffic at all. After the event, I realized it's already my 2nd year attending weddings with no boyfriend and that I'm always part of the SINGLES game.

One of my friends suggested I should stop this whole anime-cosplay-Japanese thing for me to get a boyfriend. That guys get turned off that I'm still in tuned with childish hobbies. But I also realized, there would be always be guys who'll not see me as their potential mate.

I tried to 'tame down' who Nagi is. I colored my hair in dark brown to look normal and didn't mention about my interest in anime, comics and fashion. BIG MISTAKE! Because I maybe able to hide who I am. But I can't hide who my friends are. Friends reflect who we really are. 
Besides, I may love to color my hair, watch anime, read manga/comics, etc. But I think I have a pretty good sense of responsibility when it comes to my career. For starters, I'm on my 4th year with my current company. :)

Well, if I can't find a guy who'll truly, madly, deeply accept me for everything that I am. I'll just settle for the role of the cool aunt that kids love to hang-out with because she's never boring, cooks great food and has a nice home that offers an awesome home theater system and a library full of manga/comics. BUT she looks so awesome for her age that your kids' friends would thought their 'aunt' was a former supermodel. hahaha..
This is not to say I'm closing my heart to love. This is what you call the back-up plan. :))

2 more weddings... 2 more ways to expand my network. Will this lead me to Prince Charming?

Single Girl Nagi (lol)

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