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I'm So Happy

We got up around 8AM and started the day by doing breakfast for everyone. Hoshi was really nice and accommodating to me. I helped around by making scrambled eggs with cheese. Don't you just love cheese? *heart* We had Pinoy-style breakfast but with brown rice. Can I just say their brown rice smelled like chocolate porridge? I'm not sure why. I couldn't help myself but get another serving!

After the breakfast, I logged online and informed Tcha that the roaming service isn't working but I told her I'm looking forward to see her at the concert. I also memorized her seat and row #. I was also touched how my friends are cheering for me at Facebook that I'll see L'arc En Ciel. I like the punchline of my friend, DK. He said: atleast he showed up where he's Hyde-ing... 

Supposedly, our itinerary will be Little India and Chinatown. And also to taste more Singaporean food but since we took in consideration that we need to be at the Singapore Indoor Stadium at least an 1hr or so, we  decided to cut our itinerary and just go to the Mustafa mall to buy some pasalubong. I'm also delighted that this mall is open round the clock (yes, a 24hr mall!) and accepts credit card. Singapore does not only offer convenience to its citizens but to tourists such as myself! ^_^
I just bought a few items since I was thinking of the weight of my baggage and fear over the PH customs. *_*

Just when we were about to leave the mall, we saw a PINK watch by Zerone. I didn't have any plans to buy something for myself but god, it was a PINK watch. I asked the sales lady to convert the price to PHP and when I found it reasonable, yes... I bought it. LOL.
We were also reminded by the sales lady that as a tourist, I'm entitled to a 7% rebate from the GST (Goods and Services Tax). However, you need to go to the GST counter on the same day of your purchased items so you can avail the said rebate. What's so cool about this rebate is that you have the option to receive it via your credit card or thru mail. If it's mail, I think they're going to send a cheque instead. :)
Anyway, the shipping from Singapore to Philippines doesn't take long. Usually just 2-3 weeks (including weekends) based on my experience from eBay.

After shopping, we went home and took a "power nap". ^_^
I'm not sure how I was able to get some nap as I'm starting to feel giddy from excitement. hihi..
Anyway, after the nap and eating a light dinner, we dolled ourselves up. Hoshi's cousin Ate Shiela helped with our "dolling up session" too. :D Made me miss my cousin whom I'm very close to. Before we left the house, we had a mini-photoshoot. We took a cab from Hoshi's place and I'm delighted how easy the travel was. Hoshi showed me how the toll gates work and yes, it's another "whoa, hi-tech" moment for me. :)

When we reached the venue, there were a lot of people already outside. Some fans even dressed up as the band members. I even saw a few who have HYDE-inspired Angel Wings tattoo. Anyway, we made a beeline to the souvenir booth and by accident, we saw one of Hoshi's friends! It was Fairy.

It was really nice that we were able to arrive before the concert started. We hang out with Fairy and shared how we all knew L'arc En Ciel. The common answer was: Rurouni Kenshin.
At the souvenir booth, they no longer have (t-shirt) sizes available for us. I just bought the World Tour pamphlet. Once inside the Singapore Indoor Stadium, we agreed that after the concert we should hang-out again. Fairy has a different seat. At this time, I was also thinking how am I going to meet my online friend, Tcha. I tried texting and calling her number but failed. All I knew was she's seated at PC2 (blue seats, near the stage).

Fans waiting for the concert - Singapore Indoor Stadium

As people started to gather inside the stadium, the sole thought in my mind was: I'm really here~
haha.. yes, I'm amazed how this "dream" became a reality for me. I remember at my former blog, I have an entry around 2008, that I wanted to see L'arc En Ciel in concert but I didn't have a passport yet. I think that concert was in Hong Kong.

Anyway, Hoshi and I talked about our favorite songs and our expectations for the concert. We also giggled that our view is really nice. That even if people would stand during the concert, we could still see the guys perform. Then, I looked at those blue seats below us. I wondered if Tcha has received my message and if she's already here in the venue. As if on cue, I saw a girl with long hair, looking at our direction from the blue seats. I have a strong gut feel that it was Tcha. I waved my hand and it seemed that "girl" is acknowledging my presence. I told Hoshi that it could be my friend and we went to that railing and I continued waving my hand. The "girl" went to the railing too and true enough, it was Tcha! May I add that our seats were 30-40mtrs away from each other. I think I forgot to tell Tcha that I colored my hair in red violet. My FaceBook profile pic is still in brunette. We had a quick chat and agreed that after the concert, we'll meet on the same railing since the roaming service didn't work (Both of us are GLOBE subscribers).

When we got back to our seats, I saw that there were a lot of people who were taking pictures even when there's a notice in the SISTIC website/ticket that taking photos and videos are not allowed. Since I saw everyone was in a photo frenzy, I decided to wipe my camera out as well. But I still act with caution. My camera's barely a month old and I certainly don't want to depart with it because of my fangirl foolishness.

It was almost 8PM when we heard like a 5-second guitar riff on the speakers.Fans can only guess if it was Tetsu or Ken who's doing a sound check but the whole crowd certainly roared with excitement. When the white lights went off, I gasped for air for what's about to happen. The concert started with a 2-3minute 3D video clip. Artistically telling us, audience that we're going to embark on a journey. ^_~
And then, the screen showed HYDE punching the screen and breaking it into pieces. Excitement went one notch higher as we heard a piano piece played until the voice of HYDE seductively stormed the speakers. Hoshi and I hugged each other~ The fans screamed more as the guitars and drums played in unison taking our souls in a musical journey which is made of 20 years.
People couldn't help themselves but stand during the concert. Especially during the 1st song. The usherettes tried to keep people on their seats but it was no use. Everyone were standing and dancing.

I was wearing boots. I think by the second or third song, my legs started to feel heavy. For someone who's wearing heels everyday, this is unexpected. LOL. But when HONEY came, it's like my legs have been magically healed. LOL. I was dancing and singing like crazy. And I was surprised that I still know the (majority of the) lyrics by heart. After HONEY, we decided to take our seats for a while. I liked the idea that during DAYBREAKS BELL, their background is undeniably Gundam-inspired (of course, it's an Op song for a Gundam series, what could've been better!). But it reminded me more of Gundam Wing's 1st Opening rather than Gundam 00. I was half-expecting there'll be a 'poor teady bear with no owner' scene. hehe.. A few more songs later, 4th Ave Cafe came and my! Hoshi and I were singing and dancing our hearts out again. And finally, STAY AWAY. Those who knew me all through my L'arc En Ciel fandom days is familiar that I love this song to bits. That I even played this on Guitar Freaks and Drum Mania. I'd even copied the dance moves from their video. And yes, I even tried copying HYDE's gender-bender look.

Their background for this song I believe was the Japanese TRON dance group. Talk about combining novelty here. hahaha..  After Stay Away, RSG!! was played but I was not that familiar with it. When ANATA came, it was the perfect 'cool down' song~ It was beautiful. I heard there was a fan who cried when he/she heard it live in Singapore. After ANATA, Winterfall was played. Among the 'downer' songs of L'arc En Ciel, this is my favorite. Blurry Eyes was played after that. And the concert ended with the song, Niji. I know Hoshi loves that song and I think it was nice that they played the song at the end. A perfect way to seal our memory of this concert.

The Forbidden Lover 

I've to say, I'm more familiar with their playlist on the latter part of the concert. I didn't realize that Driver's High was not performed until the concert ended. They also give each member their own time to perform their instrument. I always viewed Yukihiro as the shy drummer. And when I was there in the concert, he still looks shy to me. But I've to say his arms are rockin'! So sexy~ I wished they focused it more and his face. Not just the whole drum ensemble with him on it. Ken... or I'll just call him fondly as Ken-chan~ I never thought I'll be interested in you physically, aside from your mad guitar skills. LOL. He looks good for his age. And I like his style. It reminds me of classic glam rock.
And Tetsu~ baby Tetsu~ *chu* *chu* You still have that youthful energy and still like colorful clothes~ hahaha.. I really like how you do that leg gesture when you play your guitar and trying to get some sort of a balance. I know Tetsu's the cheeky one but I never thought he's that dead cheeky even in a concert. How we wished we got your free lollipops and that sparkly banana water gun. And of course, no Japanese concert will be complete without a comedy skit. It was by Tetsu and Ken.
Ken mentioned that he went to Mustafa mall and bought Tetsu some Merlion statues in various sizes. Hoshi and I giggled because we just came from Mustafa a few hours before their concert. Thru Ken, we also learned that Tiger Balm is from Singapore. All the while, I thought it's from Hong Kong! So Ken, thanks for enlightening us. :))

**credit to Tcha for this
Here's the L'Arc-en-Ciel 20th L'Anniversary Concert in Singapore tour setlist

Ibarra no namida
Goodluck my way
Drink it down
Hitomi no jyunin
Daybreaks bell
Forbidden lover
My heart draws a dream
Seventh heaven
4th ave cafe
Stay away
Blurry eyes

The best term for a staff

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